Web development

is a scary phrase…

we just make it look so easy.

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It’s hard to imagine NOT finding anything on the web these days.

We will place Your Brand front and center. From creating your Front End to Back End development.

We specialise in building customised web-based software using our own framework, Pivot. We specialise in incorporating your corporate identity into a user experience that excites your customers. Don’t have a corporate identity? We’ll create it for you, too.

A technically stable and fast website makes every other step along your path to conversions more effective, making your marketing budget stretch further and inspiring trust from customers.

In order for your business and brand to experience this trust requires experience and expertise, which we have! We also provide hosting through our own domain hosting company, Bingle, we also offer maintenance of all your sites if you require it.

Front end development

Front-end web development is the client’s side of your website with which they interact. From a technical perspective, it’s the practice of producing HTML, CSS and JavaScript for a website or Web Application with the perfect outcome being that the functionality streamlines the path to conversion.

So, the objective of designing high quality, traffic-driving site is to ensure that when the users land on it, they are greeted by an easily navigable user interface (UI) displaying valuable, relevant information to influence the decision-making process. It’s also vital that the site is compatible across different browsers, devices and operating systems.

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Back end development

Back-end development focuses on a website’s functionality. Our team of experts write custom code to meet your requirements. This is the area that the customer/client doesn’t see and consists of a combination of servers, applications, and databases. The back-end development lays the foundation upon which the possible actions and engagement processes are delivered to the front-end correctly to give the customer the best possible experience.

One cannot work without the other. Our team of developers work in collaboration with you to find and deliver the best solution in the least amount of time while keeping your budget in mind.

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