Social Media Community Management

It’s one thing to search for – and find – your audience on social media channels. Well done, but it doesn’t stop there.

If a user feels disconnected, they will leave. So, how do you maintain the interest of your audience? The answer: effective, personalised community management.

Your social media channels should never stagnate. Users want to know that they are part of the business’s community and can feel assured that they belong to a network of like-minded people who share the same interests.

Community management entails building authentic, long-lasting relationships with both external audience: followers, fans and connections and internal audience: employees, shareholders, partners.

This function is a pivotal factor in the transition of a generic brand into creating a special brand-to-customer relationship. Therefore, investment in frequent interaction and support is critical.

The ROI is a loyal customer base that can promote your brand to a broader untapped audience. The power of positive reviews, testimonials and ratings are brand-boosting gold for Google’s algorithms.

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Services offered:
  • Social media audit (Analysis of account pages to improve overall performance)
  • Social media strategy planning
  • Account creation and Content creation
  • Campaign concept creation
  • Tracking implementation
  • Community management
  • Data measurement and reporting

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