Social Media

Socialise your online presence.

Social media is the collective term for applications and websites that are designed for communication, interaction, content-sharing and collaboration within a virtual community environment. The major social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

The nature of these platforms provides businesses with the opportunity to market their products and/or services, promote their brand and actively engage with users to create trust, loyalty and foster meaningful relationships which can generate leads, establishing brand identity.

The architecture of social media platforms allows businesses to easily receive real-time feedback from their audience and reply quickly, enabling them to provide their audience with the all-important human element.

Our social media services include but are not limited to assisting in the creation of businesses’ online presence as well as monitoring business performance through data measurement and provide reports with advice and recommendations about how to always be at the top of their game.

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Services offered:
  • Social media audit (Analysis of account pages to improve overall performance)
  • Social media strategy planning
  • Account creation and Content creation
  • Campaign concept creation
  • Tracking implementation
  • Community management
  • Data measurement and reporting
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